Friday, September 8, 2017

North Little Rock Location: MERGED with Little Rock Location

URGENT: McCain location CLOSED:
We have merged the NLR location into the LR location as of August 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone. If you need to pick up an order, monogramming or talk to someone about this change PLEASE contact one of our other locations and we will be happy to help you! 

Little Rock: 501-225-6007
Conway: 501-329-6007
Hot Springs: 501-525-1007

Thank you Arkansas for the years of business!
We look forward to another 47 years of serving Central AR with their medical accessory & apparel needs! 


Monday, April 18, 2016

Finding the right scrub style for your body type. (ALEX)

We aren't all shaped the same... so why settle for ill fitting scrubs!?! 

Luckily Scrubs have come a LONG way and there is now a fit that flatters every body shape!

PEAR/TRIANGLE SHAPE: Minimizing the hips and stomach yet fitting a smaller bust is important when finding scrubs for a pear or triangular body type. A flare or boot cut pant helps minimize the hips and backside. Try a pant in a darker solid color. Because more of the weight is on the bottom half you could easily wear and pull off fun print tops and experiment with layering undershirts! This will draw attention to your face. 

RECTANGLE/STRAIGHT/ATHLETIC: If you would like to create the illusion of more of a waist, wrap tops and side panel tops can help create a waist and give a more feminine look. Print tops with ruffle and layering are also ways to make you look fuller in the bust/shoulders. Try a fun flare leg pant to add style! If you like to stick to the basics, a good pair of unisex style pants are always an option. 

TOP HEAVY/REVERSE TRIANGLE: These tips are for broad shoulders AND larger busts. Steer away from tight fitting jackets and tops, they will be more uncomfortable and draw attention to larger areas. Try not to go in the totally opposite direction and wear tops that are 2 sizes too big, this will make your scrubs seem baggy and shapeless. In order to show off your shape try a wrap top and stick to v-neck top options, they will elongate the neck and tone down the bust/shoulder areas. Try to stay away from print tops and stick to solids or solids with contrast trim. 

HOURGLASS: Having curves on the top and bottom is all about accentuating the waist and/or creating balance. Try flare pants and scoop neck or v-neck tops to create length throughout the body. Fitted jackets and a straighter leg pant will also help create length and balance. If you must do a print top or jacket keep the print as small as possible.  

PLUS SIZE: Scrubs have come a long way over the years and plus size options are better then ever! A longer sleeve (avoid cap sleeves) will provide upper arm coverage. Prints are not totally out of the picture, just remember that the larger the print the more attention it will draw to your top half. Brands such as Cherokee Flexible, Landau and Jockey are great for comfort and quality for plus sizes (2xl-5xl) These brands have a wide range of styles available through 5xl as well as jackets. Pants should be an appropriate length to avoid bunching around the bottom which can add visual weight. Having a wider elastic waist band and avoiding drawstring will also help smooth out your shape. AVOID LOW RISE PANTS! 

*Most every brand now carries PETITE and TALL lengths in pants. Petite is a term used more in the woman's styles. Petite means the pant will be shorter in the stride and the leg length. Tall pants are simply longer in the leg. In men's and unisex sizing the term short is used instead of petite, this is because the stride is NOT shorter just the leg length. 

For more information on fit and styles check out these 2 websites:


We love all of our nurses and wanted to share this touching video in honor of nurses week 2016!
REMEMBER: National Nurses Week is May 6th-12th, 2016

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How to get MONDAY MORNING COFFEE stains out of your scrubs!

Monday mornings are tough enough, but then you spill coffee on your fresh scrubs?! 

This short YouTube video explains a natural and EASY way to remove those pesky coffee stains with ease!

Quick stain removal for scrubs:

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Why do medical professionals wear scrubs?

Why do medical professionals wear scrubs?

1. Most scrubs are made of an easy to clean material, this is important for keeping the scrubs disinfected and sanitary in hospital or clinic environments.

2. Scrubs are cheaper/easier to replace than most street clothing and easier to purchase in bulk.

3. Scrubs allow medical professionals to stay clean and look more professional and UNIFORM. 

4. Scrubs tend to be more forgiving in fit to allow for more movement to better assist the patients with their needs. 

5. Even though scrubs have come a long way in styles and fabrics, scrubs are made in more basic shapes to accommodate ease of fit and less nooks and crannies for dirt and bacteria to hide. 

6. COMFORT during 12+ hour shifts.

7. Easy decision when deciding what to wear for the day. 

8. Allows medical staff to differentiate themselves from patients and visitors.  

**To find out more about why scrubs are worn check out:

Friday, November 14, 2014

Griffey's Professional Uniforms, Inc., Biography

     Griffey’s Professional Uniforms, Inc. was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1970 by Flora Mae Griffey.  She and her husband Jake were trying to think of a business to start up after he retired to help supplement income.

     While getting her hair done, her hairdresser complained about having to travel to Memphis to buy beautician’s smocks, since the supplier in Little Rock was so rude and did not have a good selection.  “Flora Mae, you should open a uniform store.”  She researched uniforms in Arkansas for beauticians, barbers, and nurses.  The market was open; there was not any competition. 

     So February 1, 1970, Griffey’s Uniforms was opened on West Markham, where it is today.  Her husband Jake hand-lettered signs, refurbished used fixtures and racks.  They were on a budget.

     Business slowly picked up by word-of-mouth.  One day, a uniform salesman came to call on her, he looked around the store and snidely said, “You might as well pack all this up and send back.  You won’t make it.”  Ms. Griffey was 40 years old, and had no experience starting a business.  She was riding on faith and customer demand.  She was heartbroken, but stayed the course.  A couple of years later, that same salesman called on her to open an account for his line of uniforms.  She declined….. She had plenty of suppliers in the uniform industry who were happy to sell to the largest uniform retailer in Arkansas.

     Within the next couple of years, she opened locations in North Little Rock and Hot Springs, so business WAS doing very well.  In 2012 a much needed Conway location opened.

          Since 1970, Ms. Griffey focused on the now.  She never concerned herself with, “I wonder what our competition is doing?”  She focused on her business and she loved her employees like family. 

     Flora Mae Griffey was one of a few woman-owned businesses in Arkansas.  Though gender was not a focus within the uniform industry, she was known and respected by the Industry leaders.

     Her business was her life and she worked years into normal retirement.  In 2008, she suffered a stroke that took her eyesight.  Her daughter Nancy Griffey Jordan, raised in the family business, managed the day to day activities of the four stores.   In June 2009, she took over the business when Ms. Griffey died.

    Since 2009, three stores have moved to better and/or larger locations, and all four have been remodeled and updated to reflect the changing demographics.

     Ms. Griffey’s other daughter Carla Griffey Hazlewood, has been doing all of the embroidery and logos for customers, clinics, and hospitals since 1980. 

     2015 proves to be the best year ever – launching the GPU web store, adding chef wear, and hitting social media hard.  “We have to grow and change or get left behind.  The average age of a nurse is 24.”

     Griffey’s Professional Uniforms, Inc. is proud to be a family owned, local business.  Nancy’s daughter Alex Jordan Miller, is third generation Griffey.  She is finishing her business degree at UALR, and manages the stores.  Nancy said, “Alex napped in a uniform box under our desks when she was a baby. I think she will do just fine.”

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Griffey's Professional Uniforms, Inc.

Griffey's Professional Uniforms, Inc.
Griffey's Professional Uniforms, Inc. was established in February, 1970.  All locations are owned and operated by the Griffey family.  Customers are able to shop at any of our four locations in Arkansas:  Conway, Hot Springs, Little Rock, and North Little Rock. 
Besides scrubs, we have a wide selection of medical accessories, shoes, hosiery, and lab coats. To add a personal touch, a company's logo, a person's name and credentials can be monogrammed.  We have recently added Bolder Bands and The Med Sleeves.  The Med Sleeves fit over your arms for added warmth, to cover tattoos, and as a fun accessory.  Our expanded locations in North Little Rock and Conway are now selling chef attire.
We also have a web store for your added convenience.  Our web store is located at
Blog written by Laura E. Joseph